Abgesagt aufgrund neuer Covid Regeln

Place where shit gets hot, wild and crazy. Y’all think you’re ready? I tell you now, y’all ain’t ready.

Fat money stacks, slim chicks, rivers of liquor, and the best party- music is what you get. You’d better get yourself here, cuz’ this opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

Munich, 27.11.2021, Platzl 5
is where the shit goes down. Gangster paradise ain’t nothing in comparison. Even Shady let Dr. Dre out of his basement, so that he can come to this party.

Still not sure?

Lemme tell ya’, 10 bucks for an unforgettable night is a sweet deal. Drinks out here being so smooth, ya can mix them with bunch of nails and you still won’t feel a thing. Y’all can bring your own gangs, but make sure to do it quickly, cuz’ it’s already getting hot in here. Best dressed gangsta’ gets a drink on the house. 
So, everybody from the 313 put your mf’ing hands up and follow me!
No shady stuff allowed, unless of course we talk about The Real Slim Shady.

See Ya!


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